Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Plurality Secures Second Round of $12 Million Dollars From Japan-Based Investors

TOKYO, December 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Plurality Ltd. announced today it has secured a second round of investment totaling US$12M from Japanese investors, bringing the company's total committed funding to-date to US$20M.

The funding will be used for the planned expansion of operation in Asia and North America, the introduction of Plurality's HyperCore(TM) multimedia acceleration IP, and a 256-core acceleration processor chip. Testing of Plurality's 64-core test chip will be completed in Q2, and the 256-core acceleration device will be sampled in Q4 2010.

This follows Plurality's announcement twelve months ago of the HAL-64, a 64-core acceleration processor IP product, offering performance up to 32 GIPS or 8 GFLOPS. HyperCore(TM) processors are the market's most powerful, space saving and energy-efficient multi-core shared-memory processing engine.

Plurality, a developer of advanced manycore processor solutions, has made its HyperCore(TM) acceleration processor IP available to system-on-chip (SoC) developers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to implement the heavy lifting required by the growing number of multimedia standards required to play in the evolving mobile and home markets. The HyperCore(TM) processor IP acts as a performance extension to the industry's most popular processor architectures (x86, PowerPC, and ARM), enabling improved SoC performance without greater power consumption or die area.

"We continue to move forward, bringing the order-of-magnitude performance advantages of our HyperCore(TM) acceleration processors to the multimedia and high-performance computing markets," said Igor Pe'er, Plurality's Chairman and CEO. "This funding adds to the resources we have obtained from earlier rounds and is more than sufficient to move us into production. We were thrilled by the responses we received from the investors in Japan."

Plurality develops advanced silicon Intellectual Property, chips and acceleration boards for manycore processing. Plurality's IP is based on a scalable, easily-programmable, manycore processor that is positioned as a general-purpose accelerator. The processor delivers the highest performance per watt per square millimeter at the lowest cost of any currently available chip-level, shared-memory machine. The privately-funded company is headquartered in Netanya, Israel. HyperCore(TM) is a trademark of Plurality Ltd. Enquiries may be sent to

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